What is my life if not an instrument with which to worship God?

What you see here took about 4-5 years to write. It started off with just a sentence or two that I wrote to remind myself of God’s goodness to me and that He is with me even in difficult circumstances. I would re-read it often. Every few months, I added something new that He was showing me through His Word.

This morning, I felt like it was finished and that I was supposed to share it. Maybe it doesn’t speak to you; but maybe God wants you to start your own.

God initiated our love. Every step I’ve taken towards Him has been a response to Him drawing me. He will never force my steps, so I can be confident that my heart responds to His voice. It is impossible for Him to lose sight of me. He will point out the road that I should follow. He will be my teacher and watch over me. I will live a life without walls.

Today’s circumstances, whether bad or good, have no bearing on the intimacy with Jesus that is available to me today. Though my enemy would attempt to manipulate my circumstances as a distraction from that intimacy, I will set all my other goals aside to be close to Him today. I understand that as I pursue Him, I may sacrifice the good opinion of others. Yet I will respond to all my circumstances knowing that He loves me; this is the only way I can glorify Him in the eyes of those around me.

I will not seek to gain the approval of men who don’t care about me by submitting to the wisdom of the world that is ultimately doomed to fail. I will seek the approval of the one who sought me and whose wisdom will bring life and satisfaction to everything I do.

It is not enough for me to simply make it through the day. I will offer to God all the praise that He is due for the life that He has given me and the love He has shown to me. I bear the responsibility of giving strength to those around me. I am not a child of the desert; I’m a son with a promise and I will posture myself as such in the midst of my circumstances to show the world who I belong to. I will live life with all the grace and forgiveness that Christ did.

What is my life if not an instrument with which to worship God?

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