Pastor Kenny is not your standard Christian webcomic. His life is not perfect. Neither are his reactions to situations. He is a man in God’s crucible. Clay in the potter’s hands.

Some of my friends will get a chuckle out of the name I’ve given to the main character. I was called “Pastor Kenny” once by hospital staff while visiting some dear friends who were going through a difficult time. For starters, I am not a pastor. Nor have I ever been a pastor. My name isn’t “Kenny” either. But the hospital staff had mistaken me for my friend’s pastor and asked to consult with me. Awhile later, I told my friends about the episode and we got a bit of a laugh out of it. But it was always a laugh associated to something sad.

So Pastor Kenny seemed like the perfect name for a comic about someone going through a difficult time in life and finding moments of humor in it all. My hope is that Pastor Kenny finds his way into some of your hearts.

I haven’t drawn any of the comics lately, but I’m keeping the domain and the personal alias, because Pastor Kenny is still a part of me.

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