God Bless Us. Everyone.

Merry Christmas, everyone! So I wiggled in a Christmas cartoon into the Pastor Kenny storyline. Because my wife told me to. She married me, so I know she has excellent judgement. It’s another one-panel wonder. In my defense, I’ve been at the mall most of the week waiting in line.

Stress Eating

I feel a little guilty about using the same panel twice here. Like I’ve violated the spirit of the art form. I was torn between violating the art form or missing the schedule — which is a major no-no, I’m told. So this week, I decided to abuse the art form. Next week, I mess […]

Preparing the reveal speech

Kenny’s wife was still out when he got home. He plans how to break the news to her that they’ve been forced out of the church they’re pastoring. He has a dog and, apparently, the dog can talk. But only when it’s funny. For a special treat, you can take a look at how it’s […]

The Ousted Pastor

This is where it all begins for Pastor Kenny. After several months of meetings, negotiations, prayer and tears, it has become evident that Pastor Kenny is unable to reconcile the imminent church split. He is voted out. Let the questions begin

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