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Our second book is now available on and This video will give you the synopsis:

Still working on our next book: Brussels Sprouts for Breakfast. Pastor Kenny will come back. Thinking of rebooting it somehow.

About a year ago, Rhonda (my wife), Robyn (my oldest daughter) and I were sitting around a table at Pizza Delight laughing over a book idea we started talking about that day. Rhonda took the idea in her spare time and wrote out the first rough draft for Please Let Me In. I played around [...]

Last summer, we worked with Kent Dawson, a Maritime singer-songwriter, to make a video for his latest song “Carry On”. One thing that is certain amid the uncertainties of life is God’s love and His steady leadership. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to explore this idea than a bright Saturday at Herring [...]

Dave Kellett is a web cartoonist, just like me. So I like to support him by reading his cartoon, “Sheldon.” I also purchased a book that he co-authored called “Webcomics” and subscribe to the associated Webcomics site. I like Dave. While I was on his Facebook fan page the other day, I noticed that he [...]

I am not, nor have I ever been, a pastor. But I was called that once by hospital staff while visiting some dear friends who were going through a difficult time.