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A few weeks ago, I took my daughters down to Kentville, Nova Scotia to attend the three-day Confluence of the Arts event with Rik Berry, an artist and senior pastor of Valleygate Vineyard church, along with 30 other artists, some who came from as far away as Singapore, Calgary and Edmonton. Rik and I have [...]

She who is “highly favoured”– seems a strange phrase for one who is poor and young with bleak prospects. One who requires faith and courage to survive the ignominy of a beautiful burden, to become the ultimate human host. Highly favoured? In return, the King offers her a sacred privilege: to witness His entrance into [...]

A few years ago, I visited Cuba with a group of Christians from our area. I’m not much of a traveler, but God knew that this trip was necessary for me. Prior to this trip, when I thought of missions, I generally related it to fund raising, building projects and special people who gave up [...]

What you see here took about 4-5 years to write. It started off with just a sentence or two that I wrote to remind myself of God’s goodness to me and that He is with me even in difficult circumstances. I would re-read it often. Every few months, I added something new that He was [...]

In Charles Schultz’s famous cartoon Peanuts, Linus says, “Mankind I love, it’s people I can’t stand.” Never has this sentiment so clearly been displayed than in Christian circles, where we talk an awful lot about unconditional (agape) love. Yep, we talk about love. But living it? That takes some practice. And after more than 25 [...]

There’s a common Christian axiom: “Never pray for patience.” I confess I took that advice to heart for a lot of my Christian walk. There were certain things I wanted from God, and other things that I wanted to stay away from. I had plans for my life, and I wanted God to get on [...]

When Jesus says: “Greater things will you do, than you have seen me do,” I drum up a mental picture of believers walking around making sick people well, poor people rich and sad people happy all with the simple prayer of faith. That perspective is perpetuated by reading the amazing exploits of the apostolic church [...]

A few years ago, I was painting my daughter’s bedroom. Since my sister asked me to paint scenes with cows and chickens and things in my nephew’s room, I could hardly refuse my own kids when they came onto the scene.

Loving one another is the central purpose of our lives outlined in the Christian faith. So why has the topic been so neglected and overlooked in the church?

If we could master this in the church, we would have something the world cannot duplicate. Forgiveness. Unconditional love. Reconciliation.