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We reviewed some of the hilights of Sir Robert Anderson’s book The Coming Prince during one of our home Bible studies. Here’s a re-enactment.

The history of the city of Sardis provides some insight into the spiritual problems that were happening in the church of Sardis. It was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia; it was a very rich city. The geography included a large mountain where a defensive fortress stood. With cliffs on three sides and [...]

The name “Thyatira” means “Daughter”. The name of the city before it was changed to Thyatira was “Semiramis“. This is interesting since Semiramis reflects the Jezebel figure in this letter. The “doctrine of Balaam” that began in Pergamos grows into idolatry in Thyatira. In the Old Testament, Balaam instructed an enemy king to lure the [...]

Last week we continued with our review of the seven churches in Revelation chapter 2 & 3, this time with Pergamos: the Strange Marriage. This is a church that has found its place in the world. It has learned to “fit in”. It has “married the world”. In what ways do we compromise with the [...]

Imagine for a minute that you belong to a church in a city where the spiritual darkness is overwhelming. Everyone in power is against you and against your mission as a church.

Our weekly Bible Study is in a bit of a “review” cycle until the new year. Over the last year or so, we’ve gone through the Song of Songs (touchy), Ephesians, Hosea and Colossians.