Cuba 2013: Day Five

Cathy agreed to stay with our girls so that Remi and I wouldn’t have to keep an axe-wielding vigil outside their room waiting for Santa to arrive. So, I slept better than I thought I was going to – musty pillows aside. Our visits to the countryside house churches were over. The big event of […]

Cuba 2013: Day Four

Remi and I were already into a morning routine. After we were ready, we would go down to the resort’s breakfast buffet. We would usually see some people from our team so it gave us a chance to catch up on what was going on with everyone else. We met up with Sophie, Joanna and […]

Cuba 2013: Day Three

I slept in my clothes since Havana was still cool and the musty blankets were counter-productive to sleep. Apparently the government-issued pillow wasn’t much better since I woke up stuffy and watery again. Benadryl came to the rescue. Remi and I ate breakfast. We’d postponed our morning departure a little because we got back to […]

Cuba 2013: Day Two

This is day two of our recent visit to Cuba. This is a long post. I haven’t spent a lot of time revising and condensing thoughts since I want to get it out before the memories fade too much. Even at that, I still haven’t included all the details. There may even be spelling or […]

Cuba 2013: Day One

I recently returned from a one week visit to Cuba with 16 other people from our church. I wrote down some thoughts while I was there and I thought I would share them with you in a series of posts. My first trip to Cuba was in October of 2008 with a team from Glad […]

Graduation day is here

Today is my oldest daughter’s graduation day. Graduations are fun. You celebrate your accomplishments. But the real excitement comes from what lies ahead. Robyn is no different. She has some great opportunities ahead of her and she’s really excited. I’m excited with her. I’m proud of the person she has become, the character she’s developed […]

The Nativity Experience 2011: Believe!

Poor Pastor Kenny. I really do enjoy drawing cartoons. Honest. However, over the last few months, the collective spare time of the family has been absorbed by this year’s Nativity Experience at Glad Tidings Church in Moncton. My wife Rhonda wrote the play in 2010 and now we are less than a week away from […]

Union issues at Body Mechanics

I recently overheard a conversation at Body Mechanics Department of Mobility. It went something like this: Left Leg: I’ve filed a grievance with the union. Management: A grievance? Over what? Left Leg: Right leg isn’t carrying his weight anymore. I’m under increased workplace stress. Management: He was injured on the job. He’s got a doctor’s […]

I know what I did last summer

My wife Rhonda spent the last few years writing a book called Rachel’s Manifesto. It’s a book for young adult girls about value. The main character goes through a metamorphosis by evaluating her worth without a reference to how others view her, most specifically, her boyfriend who would like to have sex with her. My […]

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