Follow Him

This is not a song that’s professionally recorded. It’s just me in my little office. But a song can communicate as much as a blog post sometimes.

Remembering Aubrey

My grandfather, Aubrey Bulmer, was a member of the infantry that landed on the coast of Normandy during the D-Day invasion. It was never something that came up in conversation. I knew some veterans didn’t like talking about it. I assumed my grandfather was one of those men. But I also didn’t want those experiences […]

Carry On – Kent Dawson

Last summer, we worked with Kent Dawson, a Maritime singer-songwriter, to make a video for his latest song “Carry On”. One thing that is certain amid the uncertainties of life is God’s love and His steady leadership. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to explore this idea than a bright Saturday at Herring […]

Cuba 2013: Day Seven

The morning brought another dose of Benedryl. This was our last, full day in Cuba. Each time Paul has brought a team to Cuba, he scheduled a personal day where the team can visit Havana, see the sites and unwind a bit. That was our plan for the day. Everyone slept in a little. I […]

Cuba 2013: Day Six

We lost an hour’s sleep due to Daylight Savings Time. Most of us compensated for the lost hour by sleeping in a bit. It was an easy fix, really. It didn’t fix the musty pillow though. Benadryl to the rescue once again. Day six was a Sunday. The night we arrived, Pastor W asked if […]

Did you think writing a cheque was enough?

A few years ago, I visited Cuba with a group of Christians from our area. I’m not much of a traveler, but God knew that this trip was necessary for me. Prior to this trip, when I thought of missions, I generally related it to fund raising, building projects and special people who gave up […]

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