Dave Kellett is a web cartoonist, just like me. So I like to support him by reading his cartoon, “Sheldon.” I also purchased a book that he co-authored called “Webcomics” and subscribe to the associated Webcomics site. I like Dave.

While I was on his Facebook fan page the other day, I noticed that he now has 2317 fans for his Sheldon cartoon. I felt a bit of sadness for him since he’s missed his opportunity to identify and acknowledge his first 57 Facebook fans. I know he doesn’t know about it, because this important section was missing from his book.

The rule of the first 57 Facebook fans is not something I just made up to acknowledge people who are fans of PastorKenny.com on Facebook. It is actually a scientifically researched fact that says the first 57 people to become fans of your Facebook page always come from a subsection of the world’s most intelligent and attractive people (yay, you!). Any subsequent fans are merely trying to associate themselves with the insight and wisdom of the first 57 fans.

However, as the fan-base grows, the first 57 are no longer distinguishable from the rest of the fans on Facebook – as demonstrated by the Sheldon fan page. I don’t want to say that Sheldon will now be a complete failure because Dave has missed the first 57 Facebook fans window. But, unfortunately, it will be difficult for it to achieve the same trajectory as PastorKenny.com since we`re now identifying these first 57 Facebook fans at this early stage.

Here’s how we would like to acknowledge our first 57 Facebook fans, so their cartoon acumen is not lost in a sea of followers:

  1. Add a photo of yourself to the PastorKenny.com page that somehow indicates that you are one of the first 57 PastorKenny.com fans.
  2. Repost this link in your status line. Your friends may not be as smart as you, but they’ll get the message.
  3. We’ll be looking for some good character names for future story arcs – so if you’d like to be immortalized and authenticated as a first 57 within the strip itself, simply indicate this by replying to the post and we’ll add your name to our list of potential character names. How awesome is that?

A similar rule exists on Twitter as well. But the number is 83. There is still some room there if you hurry.

For those of you who missed being among the first 57 Facebook fans, there’s still time to be considered quite intelligent and attractive by being one of the first 872 Facebook fans (although slightly less than the group of 57).

If Dave is out there listening, I may even be able to extend it to 58.

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  1. OK, I GOTTA be among the first 57, but how do I post my picture?

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