Some of my friends will get a chuckle out of the name I’ve given to the main character of this Webcomic. I am not, nor have I ever been, a pastor. For that matter, my name isn’t really “Kenny” either. But I was called “Pastor Kenny” once by hospital staff while visiting some dear friends who were going through a difficult time. The hospital staff had mistaken me for my friend’s pastor and asked to consult with me. Awhile later, I told my friends about the episode and we got a bit of a laugh out of it. But it was always a laugh associated to something sad.

So Pastor Kenny seemed like the perfect name for a comic about someone going through a difficult time in life and finding moments of humor in it all.

I’ll apologize now for picking some events from my own life to put Pastor Kenny through. The cartoon isn’t really meant to be auto-biographical, but I couldn’t help using some of the rich lessons that God has taught me and sharing them. So really, I’m not injecting my life into the cartoon, I’m just plagiarizing God’s work because He’s a better writer than I am.

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  1. I am in love with this!!! Keep it coming.

  2. Thanks, Charmaine. Maybe I’ll just stop at one post — that way everyone can imagine how awesome it would have been.

  3. Congratulations Kent. Really like it.God Bless You!

  4. Makes me laugh. And cry. Looking forward to following the journey of Pastor Kenny.

  5. I admire people who can take a situation (your experience at the hospital) and turn it into something positive that really blesses others. Pastor Kenny – he’s on a level we can understand.

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